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    • Fresh hotfixes!   Big thanks to our steam users for reporting the issues. Biggest issues in this patch is level Caves of CMOS not properly triggering level complete and level Mountains of Memory bridge / cargo drone path issues.   Also the Steam page's Early Access text is finally updated a bit.   Patch notes in Steam
    • Hello,   Hexters is turning one year old in a few weeks and we're releasing our biggest update this far! We got a new level Corruption Caverns for you, including new character, mechanics and game dynamics for your delight. Hope you enjoy it!   We are probably going to announce some kind of passes in the near future, like reworking the strategic map view or the research screen. We'll let you know when it's decided. There's Christmas coming and the rest of the year might be a little less active for us.   Happy holidays!   Patch notes in Steam
    • Just bought DIM in the Unity Asset Store, and I'm not terribly happy at this point. "Generating failed: byte[] UnityEngine.Texture2D.EncodeToPNG()" and your code is buried in DLLs. I appreciate your need to protect your code (but I'd probably be able to fix otherwise), but if that's the case, you need to keep it maintained.   I'm a bit concerned about that... as it hasn't been updated in 2 years. I certainly was not expecting it to completely fail, though.
    • Hola, We've disabling the public bug tracker for now, as it's not getting enough attention for the combination of following reasons: All the reports currently pretty much happen in steam forums Volume of bug reports is low To be perfectly honest we're currently winging it as we go We're not exposing our internal task and bug list If the situation with bug reporting turns out to get more heat in the future we're reopening it, naturally.   There's also going to be changes to how we report new versions, as there's a lot of repetition and duplication now. Steam news will be linked from here as they contain the patch notes, and the dev log side here will hold some (hopefully) cohesive thoughts about the patch for those who are interested.
    • Hey, Welcome to the new style of developer log where we actually write a word or two about the actual version. Finally this is what the forum category says, heh.   So... Oh boy, we're bumping into some problems with backwards compatibility as we do improvements and internal changes, sometimes due new content we're working on or just generic improvements and changes. We're literally just two guys so even as a full time developers we got our limits, sadly.    I'm optimistic the next patch will be an actual content update with a new level!   Patch notes in Steam
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