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  2. Dragst


    Fresh hotfixes! Big thanks to our steam users for reporting the issues. Biggest issues in this patch is level Caves of CMOS not properly triggering level complete and level Mountains of Memory bridge / cargo drone path issues. Also the Steam page's Early Access text is finally updated a bit. Patch notes in Steam
  3. Dragst


    Hello, Hexters is turning one year old in a few weeks and we're releasing our biggest update this far! We got a new level Corruption Caverns for you, including new character, mechanics and game dynamics for your delight. Hope you enjoy it! We are probably going to announce some kind of passes in the near future, like reworking the strategic map view or the research screen. We'll let you know when it's decided. There's Christmas coming and the rest of the year might be a little less active for us. Happy holidays! Patch notes in Steam
  4. LeeLorenzSr


    Just bought DIM in the Unity Asset Store, and I'm not terribly happy at this point. "Generating failed: byte[] UnityEngine.Texture2D.EncodeToPNG()" and your code is buried in DLLs. I appreciate your need to protect your code (but I'd probably be able to fix otherwise), but if that's the case, you need to keep it maintained. I'm a bit concerned about that... as it hasn't been updated in 2 years. I certainly was not expecting it to completely fail, though.
  5. Hola, We've disabling the public bug tracker for now, as it's not getting enough attention for the combination of following reasons: All the reports currently pretty much happen in steam forums Volume of bug reports is low To be perfectly honest we're currently winging it as we go We're not exposing our internal task and bug list If the situation with bug reporting turns out to get more heat in the future we're reopening it, naturally. There's also going to be changes to how we report new versions, as there's a lot of repetition and duplication now. Steam news will be linked from here as they contain the patch notes, and the dev log side here will hold some (hopefully) cohesive thoughts about the patch for those who are interested.
  6. Dragst


    Hey, Welcome to the new style of developer log where we actually write a word or two about the actual version. Finally this is what the forum category says, heh. So... Oh boy, we're bumping into some problems with backwards compatibility as we do improvements and internal changes, sometimes due new content we're working on or just generic improvements and changes. We're literally just two guys so even as a full time developers we got our limits, sadly. I'm optimistic the next patch will be an actual content update with a new level! Patch notes in Steam
  7. Dragst


    Hey, More hotfixes! ----- FIXED Research lab external dependencies were working without dependent lab producing anything FIXED Research labs were forgetting selected recipe upon saving the game FIXED Under rare conditions save games could not be loaded (not corrupted, now they can be loaded) UPDATED Some Bios Beach level dialogue was outdated and was removed ----- Thanks for your support!
  8. Dragst


    Hey, Hofixes! Includes two versions due a slight mistake. ----- NEW Auto open slots of special buildings (configurable) UPDATED Tweaked resource specific priorities so that Bytes and Triangles don't take too much preference over Bits UPDATED High priority toggle now works on decomission as well UPDATED Some performance optimizations for building placement mode FIXED Level 01 Domicile tutorial was broken NEW Multi-threaded path-finding to improve efficiency UPDATED Visible leash when fetching Data Modules FIXED Minor UI issues FIXED Distance cutoff when choosing workplaces prevented Hexters from completing certain tasks ----- Thanks for your support!
  9. Dragst


    Hola, The most asked feature is finally here, building priorization! We got some optimization and improvisations going in as well, helping performance on the bit older rigs. ----- NEW Building blueprints can now be halted and prioritized NEW Max limit set in Beacon for Logistics zone now acts as a hard limit for production UPDATED Added Restart level confirmation dialog UPDATED Improved logistics zone route UI to make assigning cargo drones easier UPDATED Various optimizations FIXED Level geometry did not properly continue at the borders FIXED Boosted priority of stockpile in Bitmobile when unloading FIXED Loading savegames while already in-game did not work properly FIXED There was hauling jitter between Storage and Refinery under certain conditions FIXED There was noticeable frame-rate stuttering when research building overlay was open FIXED Game speed display was not always in sync with the actual speed ----- Thanks for your support!
  10. Logically all buildings are circular due to the placement system we have implemented (there is no support for rotations currently and no plans to do it). The graphical representation could be anything like it is with the Storage or Beacon. Historically the reason for round buildings comes from the way we created the buildings originally: by lathing. See this tweet: But later on we've also created buildings using modelling tools, and as such the sky is the limit! So new shapes might be coming
  11. Dragst


    Hey, After a slight hiatus in a form of life in general here is finally the next bigger update with new features and a new level. Hope you enjoy it. Remember to leave a suggestion on silly name of the next major version ? ----- NEW Level Caves of CMOS NEW Level Caves of CMOS music added to soundtrack NEW Feature: Outpost quest mode NEW Feature: Wireless Illumination Service Providers (WISP) NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: arc whip for fighting back NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: light Torches NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: retrieve Relics NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: enter FoW NEW Light source: Torch NEW Technology: Retrology NEW Technology: Digital physics NEW Technology: Illumination NEW Building: Museum NEW Building: Lamp NEW Ditty system when Hexter acquires a special role NEW Trooper ditties NEW Technology recipe: REP NEW Technology recipe: REM NEW Status icons and states for research buildings NEW UI marker for newly acquired buildings NEW Load game screen now has markings for incompatible save games NEW Improved robustness of failing to load or save game UPDATED Some aural and sequencing improvements to research lightning UPDATED Path finding improvements and optimizations UPDATED Added missing stop button to certain buildings UPDATED Generic optimizations and improvements UPDATED Save games now have proper level names instead of level ID FIXED Depot tooltip did not list missing garage FIXED Some building did not release resources when destroyed ----- Thanks for your support!
  12. I'm wondering if the next buildings that you add could be different shapes than cylinders or domes. Maybe a cross shaped building, a tetrahedron, or something?
  13. Dragst


    Hello, Back in business, here's few nice additions while waiting for bigger features. ------ NEW Engineer auto repair NEW Engineer repairs now with 1.5x modifier NEW Drone charge visuals NEW Drones can rechange from beacons ------ Thanks for your support!
  14. Dragst


    Hey everyone, Here's the first big content update amongst a lot of other fixes, changes and improvements. Apologies for the delay in release. We hope you enjoy the next level in the adventure! We're now in the new major, uh, minor version 0.2 called ants in the pants. If you got suggestions for the next version name, let us know. If it's silly, it might end up to be used ----- NEW Level Data Desert NEW Research System with technology tree NEW Level Data Desert music added to soundtrack NEW Introducing a new science related character NEW Building: Laser Tower NEW Building: Solar Collector + panels NEW Building: ICE Module NEW Location markers that must be explored with drone even if not in FoW NEW Extractor now has limited work radius with visuals NEW Other types of data modules introduced, blueprints and map data NEW Sunlight damage to Scourge now raycasts, so no damage in shadows (uh oh) NEW Ingame pause menu now shows elapsed level time NEW Stockpile limits per resource can now be configured manually to prevent production deadlocks NEW Release notes splash screen with some fancy info (you're looking at it) NEW Level Mountains of Memory Beacon building objective now shows visual range UPDATED Cycle spreading logic change, Hub now allows cycles to pass-through UPDATED Improved wire connection detection related to blocking buildings UPDATED Tweaked Survey Station and Heuristics Module add-on distances UPDATED HUD now shows "RMB to move" tooltip constantly when waypointable entity is selected UPDATED Building decomission tooltip now lists resource yield UPDATED Waypoint line now turns red if no path is found UPDATED Survey Drone shows no path status icon if path-find failed UPDATED Path-finding related improvements UPDATED Hub now only stores bits UPDATED Barrier Controls has a new mesh UPDATED Adjusted LR Node description to point out the longer range only works between 2 LR Nodes UPDATED New warning log icon UPDATED All buildings with visible inventory should now also show the limits (Refinery, Hub etc) UPDATED Domicile now shows resident count in an infotile UPDATED Survey Station now decomissionable, and only buildable near Hub FIXED Bit pillar is now destroyed after being harvested completely FIXED Quarry stockpile now has status marker when full FIXED Garage distance problems FIXED Level Mountains of Memory had bizarre visual garble in one dialogue FIXED Geothermal Generator particles are no more when visible in FoW or when derelict FIXED Level Mountains of Memory had some missing Finnish language strings FIXED Cycles are not visible in FoW anymore FIXED Breach and Investigate button now properly takes in account if Hexter has the required skill FIXED Buildings in FoW won't affect Hive aggro and won't be targetted by Scourge FIXED Clicking a log item with multiple entries now properly cycles through them FIXED Entity tooltip should no longer get stuck on the screen FIXED Survey Drone and Squad HUD buttons sometimes were not in sync to what happened in game FIXED Survey Drone reveal pulse now follows the drone instead of spawned position FIXED Extractor and Refineries had no visible HP info tile FIXED Hexters will not try to haul inaccessible resources anymore FIXED Rare Extractor deadlock FIXED Blueprint stockpile not correctly getting updated when enqueued or cancelled FIXED Dropped attachments (hats, armour) not selectable by player anymore FIXED World map tutorial arrow was going wonky when target behind camera FIXED Defense towers reload infotile had missing translation FIXED Survey Drone is now automatically set to "recall" when spawned FIXED Optional text in objectives now properly localized ----- Thanks for your support!
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