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    Unhandled NULL exception after playing for some length of time

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    Game keeps crashing for no discernable reason after playing for about 30 minutes.  I have Ubuntu 16.04, core i5 3450.  Player.log is attached.


    How to reproduce:

    Just play the game for 30 minutes on mission 3.  I'm not sure if there is some building which is the trigger, but the crash only seems to happen when I have a large base (like 15+ hexters and more than two logistics areas).

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    Thanks, I'll look into this as soon as we start focusing on the Linux build. I'm currently optimizing the memory consumption which might help with the crashes.

    Having said that, unfortunately in the log it's not immediately obvious what is the reason for the crash. That null pointer exception seems to come from the Unity player, not the game scripts.

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