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    Hexters FAQ


    Hexters FAQ

    Q: What is Hexters?

    A: Hexters is a city-builder game made by Draconus Entertainment with some action / tower defense elements and minimalistic visuals seasoned with some atmosphere from Darwinia & Tron. The game also is a nod at the old classic city-building / logistics game series such as Anno & Settlers. The game was released to Steam Early Access in 16 december, 2017.


    Q: What is Draconus Entertainment?

    A: Draconus is Finnish two-man independent game development company founded by Markku Rankala (@TheDragst) & Sampsa Lehtonen (@snlehton). We've both more or less have been doing games for last 20 years which I guess makes us relatively old school. Time and conditions are finally right to notch up our production!


    Q: What is the scenario of Hexters? The trailer mentions something about "inside your computer"

    A: The game happens in "cyberscape" which is an imaginary world inside a computer. Many of the concepts in the game is built around this but doesn't really take it too seriously (for example, a "firewall" being literally a wall on fire in the game).


    Q: What's the main challenge in Hexters?

    A: There is actually three different aspects and players must balance around these elements:

    1. Expanding, which consist of expanding the infrastructure by building and refining new resources
    2. Power regulation and generation (or "cycles" as it's called in the game)
    3. Defending against an asymmetric enemy which gets more aggressive the more player expands


    Q: Does Hexters have a single player mode?

    A: Absolutely! There is a campaign mode with quirky characters ("software"), a world map,  a story / plot and levels have objectives to complete them.


    Q: Does Hexters have a multi player mode 

    A: Not yet. We would love to do a multiplayer co-op but the game needs to get quite a bit of wind under it's wings before it's feasible.


    Q: Does Hexters have a freeplay / skirmish / sandbox mode

    A: Not yet, unfortunately but this is absolutely on our roadmap and is one of the reasons why most of the game's content and levels are actually procedurally generated! If instead of new levels and story we get a log of feedback pressure on this one we have prepared to change our priorities.

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