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    • Hola, The most asked feature is finally here, building priorization! We got some optimization and improvisations going in as well, helping performance on the bit older rigs. ----- NEW Building blueprints can now be halted and prioritized
      NEW Max limit set in Beacon for Logistics zone now acts as a hard limit for production
      UPDATED Added Restart level confirmation dialog
      UPDATED Improved logistics zone route UI to make assigning cargo drones easier
      UPDATED Various optimizations
      FIXED Level geometry did not properly continue at the borders
      FIXED Boosted priority of stockpile in Bitmobile when unloading
      FIXED Loading savegames while already in-game did not work properly
      FIXED There was hauling jitter between Storage and Refinery under certain conditions
      FIXED There was noticeable frame-rate stuttering when research building overlay was open
      FIXED Game speed display was not always in sync with the actual speed
        ----- Thanks for your support!
    • Logically all buildings are circular due to the placement system we have implemented (there is no support for rotations currently and no plans to do it). The graphical representation could be anything like it is with the Storage or Beacon.  Historically the reason for round buildings comes from the way we created the buildings originally: by lathing. See this tweet: But later on we've also created buildings using modelling tools, and as such the sky is the limit! So new shapes might be coming
    • Hey, After a slight hiatus in a form of life in general here is finally the next bigger update with new features and a new level. Hope you enjoy it. Remember to leave a suggestion on silly name of the next major version 😉 ----- NEW Level Caves of CMOS
      NEW Level Caves of CMOS music added to soundtrack
      NEW Feature: Outpost quest mode
      NEW Feature: Wireless Illumination Service Providers (WISP)
      NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: arc whip for fighting back
      NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: light Torches
      NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: retrieve Relics
      NEW Cyberscapeologist functionality: enter FoW
      NEW Light source: Torch
      NEW Technology: Retrology
      NEW Technology: Digital physics
      NEW Technology: Illumination
      NEW Building: Museum
      NEW Building: Lamp
      NEW Ditty system when Hexter acquires a special role
      NEW Trooper ditties
      NEW Technology recipe: REP
      NEW Technology recipe: REM
      NEW Status icons and states for research buildings
      NEW UI marker for newly acquired buildings
      NEW Load game screen now has markings for incompatible save games
      NEW Improved robustness of failing to load or save game UPDATED Some aural and sequencing improvements to research lightning
      UPDATED Path finding improvements and optimizations
      UPDATED Added missing stop button to certain buildings
      UPDATED Generic optimizations and improvements
      UPDATED Save games now have proper level names instead of level ID FIXED Depot tooltip did not list missing garage
      FIXED Some building did not release resources when destroyed ----- Thanks for your support!
    • I'm wondering if the next buildings that you add could be different shapes than cylinders or domes.  Maybe a cross shaped building, a tetrahedron, or something?  
    • Hello, Back in business, here's few nice additions while waiting for bigger features. ------ NEW Engineer auto repair
      NEW Engineer repairs now with 1.5x modifier
      NEW Drone charge visuals
      NEW Drones can rechange from beacons
      ------ Thanks for your support!
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