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    • Hey guys, if you switch to have your fingers on the possible direction we've going, this is the place!
    • Hey guys, I know you got lots of ideas and improvement wishes, that's how this thing works! Try to be reasonable and realistic and also please understand our resources are limited. That being said, we'd love to hear (read?) your thoughts!
    • So here we are, our first version out! Let's hope it doesn't explode on your face despite our best attempts to keep all it's power contained! Oh yeah, no real patch notes 
    • Hey folks, As the title suggest we finally got a brand new forum with a more modern software than just ages-old phpbb3. I got pretty good hopes this is much better  Effectively the old forum is gone permanently, with all it's data and users. Let me put it this way: Who cares that old stuff anyway? I don't personally think it has any historical value, and phpbb3 also has a massive problem with spam and hackers etc. Today is the perfect day to launch all this as, well, we got something else coming up as well as you probably have noticed already! I've been skinning this forum and there might be some bugs / strange colours and I'd appreciate if you reply here to give me a heads-up about it so I can fix them.
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