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    • Hello, Lots of small fixes, changes and improvements! ------ FIXED: Small dialogue and translation changes and improvements, a lot of typos fixed FIXED: Added some additional info to Cyberscapeologist objective in level Defrag Desolation FIXED: Added missing tooltip descriptions for Barrier Controls and Exit Conduit FIXED: Some changes and intensity increase to Survey Drone lights  FIXED: Glitching lights on characters hopefully fixed FIXED: Level Defrag Desolation had anomalies which yielded Quads, oops FIXED: Hud hide shortcut Shift-H was not working due brainfart FIXED: Broken SSAO effect was updated FIXED: Select buildings in the FoW FIXED: Beacon could have 3 Storages attached FIXED: Logistics jitter bug related to Storage and Stockpile FIXED: Level Mountains of Memory had enemies that should not appear yet in the game FIXED: Barrier in level Defrag Desolation was not being save properly into a savegame FIXED: Missing cataclysm meteor explosion sound FIXED: Pressing f9 for quickload without a quicksave caused a crash, argh UPDATED: Beacon discharge rate was reduced by 50% UPDATED: Exit Conduit discharge rate was set to zero UPDATED: Hexter nearest domicile distance reduced to avoid them leaving too far UPDATED: Made Hexters faster to accept tasks afar UPDATED: Better logistics route generation to avoid complete mess when with multiple Beacons NEW: Bunker and Domicile passive healing NEW: Added healing to Bunker and Domicile tooltips NEW: Added world illuminating probe charging to Hub tooltip NEW: Improved exit conduit visuals and added charge gauge info tile NEW: New event log icons which should fit the overall visual theme better NEW: New Hexter death log message NEW: Added F1 ingame help menu mention as a hint to main menu NEW: New building upgrade log message
        ------ Thanks for your support!
    • First update of 2018!
      V0.1.1 Hello, Here's a nice batch of fixes and improvements to get the year started in cyberscape! ------ FIXED: Garage blueprint UV coordinates fixed FIXED: Some typos fixed in Finnish FIXED: Improved and tweaked context menu readability a bit FIXED: Translated missing cargo drone build button label FIXED: Entity info panel was not hidden when build menu was opened FIXED: It was possible to click tutorial placement helpers and see info about marker buildings FIXED: Survey Drone could move through Firewall in Level Mountains of Memory FIXED: Different Entity info buttons were not ordered in any particular way, they should be more consistent now FIXED: Heuristics Module upgrade could be upgraded before Heuristics Module was fully constructed FIXED: While building Survey Station and Heuristics Module at the same time, cancelling Survey Station did not cancel Heuristics Module FIXED: Changed Cargo Drone and Bitmobile build cost FIXED: Lot of tweaking to level Mountains of Memory enemies and hives FIXED: Removed H.U.M.P.E.R. enemies from level Mountains of Memory spawning NEW: GFX Effects options added in Options menu to help running the game on lower end devices NEW: Depot construction projects (Bitmobile and Cargo Drone) can now be cancelled with right-click NEW: Bunker worker slots now automatically get closed when Trooper dies to prevent the meat grinder problem NEW: Stratmap contents and building icons now appear at different zoom levels NEW: Added info about zooming in F1 ingame help menu NEW: Exposed Hive pressure to player and is now visible as bar (when <100%, similar to hitpoints) NEW: Added out of charge status icon to Cargo Drone NEW: Added level Mountains of Memory tutorial to assign Cargo Drones ------ Thanks for your support!
    • Following up my own post: I've been tweaking and improving the skin and I'm seeing less and less visual problems. As you've probably noticed Hexters section of the forum has it's own theme, which has no other function except that's how I roll  still, if you got something really funky or bad colours or something on your monitor, I'd appreciate if you can post it here so I can fix / improve it.
    • Wowza, what a good analysis! All titles you mentioned are found in my steam library ;-) I can't address every point you make, but I mostly agree with everything you wrote. One of the main design points of Hexters was indeed the minimalistic approach also to UI, because I don't personally find button-polluted UI exactly fun (which is ironic thing to say considering I got no problems playing bizarro-UI games like Dwarf Fortress, heh). I believe you can have a really good amount of depth - like in FTL as you mentioned above - without having to reflect complexity in UI. We haven't decided exactly what's the "goal" of the skirmish mode, perhaps in optimal scenario that could be also customizable? Anyway, this kind of stuff is really valuable for us since it gives us more insight for the moment we actually have to make decisions! 
    •   - I think that another reason that (some) roguelikes are more replayable than something like XCOM or a generic city builder is that you don't see every possible item on every single playthrough.  In contrast, in a generic city builder, you see everything on every playthrough and the terrain is really the only variable thing.  In Brogue and FTL, you only get 6-10 central items around which your build revolves and you have to make the game work with those.  I don't know how that would work in a colony sim, because the core buildings are probably going to have to be the same.  I think good values are a universe of 100 "things" of which in any single playthrough only 12 or so are seen.  Of course, in a colony sim, you can't really change the default buildings, but there could be, for example, a crafting system layered over the basic economy.  Finding crafting recipes or legendary components on the battlefield would allow the player to craft different items each game. - I really hate it when a game has twenty different categories of statistics. This screenshot is from a tactical multiplayer game called Frozen Synapse.  It's a very chess-like, geometrical puzzle.  What's nice about it is that there are NO NUMBERS polluting the screen like you have in XCOM or a lot of other roguelikes.  And any values like speed or explosion radius have a physical meaning instead of just being some scalar value like bravery, charisma, or whatever. Anyways, Hexters doesn't have  lot of numbers floating around either and I like that feature.     - The concept of different "systems" that all interact with one another.  FTL is a great example of this.  Certain events can set a room on fire, and the fire can spread.  But if you purge the room of oxygen by opening the doors, then the fire goes out.  Alternatively, the crew members can manually extinguish the fire. Most crew member need oxygen to breathe, but there are some alien species that don't, and there are some who are immune to fire.  Also, there are certain events that can disable the doors, making it harder to extinguish fires.  The doors have another role, however, because they can prevent hostile boarding parties from spreading throughout the ship.  The point here is that you have all of these systems (fire, oxygen, crew members, doors, etc) that are simple on their own, but each interacts with the the other so that you get a complex web of interaction when they're all put together.   Okay, that's about all I can think of.  I guess that this is mostly abstract stuff, but I think it's still useful and fun to think about this kind of abstract stuff.
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