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    • I'm wondering if the next buildings that you add could be different shapes than cylinders or domes.  Maybe a cross shaped building, a tetrahedron, or something?  
    • Hello, Back in business, here's few nice additions while waiting for bigger features. ------ NEW Engineer auto repair
      NEW Engineer repairs now with 1.5x modifier
      NEW Drone charge visuals
      NEW Drones can rechange from beacons
      ------ Thanks for your support!
    • Hey everyone, Here's the first big content update amongst a lot of other fixes, changes and improvements. Apologies for the delay in release. We hope you enjoy the next level in the adventure! We're now in the new major, uh, minor version 0.2 called ants in the pants. If you got suggestions for the next version name, let us know. If it's silly, it might end up to be used  ----- NEW Level Data Desert
      NEW Research System with technology tree
      NEW Level Data Desert music added to soundtrack
      NEW Introducing a new science related character
      NEW Building: Laser Tower
      NEW Building: Solar Collector + panels
      NEW Building: ICE Module
      NEW Location markers that must be explored with drone even if not in FoW
      NEW Extractor now has limited work radius with visuals
      NEW Other types of data modules introduced, blueprints and map data
      NEW Sunlight damage to Scourge now raycasts, so no damage in shadows (uh oh)
      NEW Ingame pause menu now shows elapsed level time
      NEW Stockpile limits per resource can now be configured manually to prevent production deadlocks
      NEW Release notes splash screen with some fancy info (you're looking at it)
      NEW Level Mountains of Memory Beacon building objective now shows visual range
      UPDATED Cycle spreading logic change, Hub now allows cycles to pass-through
      UPDATED Improved wire connection detection related to blocking buildings
      UPDATED Tweaked Survey Station and Heuristics Module add-on distances
      UPDATED HUD now shows "RMB to move" tooltip constantly when waypointable entity is selected
      UPDATED Building decomission tooltip now lists resource yield
      UPDATED Waypoint line now turns red if no path is found
      UPDATED Survey Drone shows no path status icon if path-find failed
      UPDATED Path-finding related improvements
      UPDATED Hub now only stores bits
      UPDATED Barrier Controls has a new mesh
      UPDATED Adjusted LR Node description to point out the longer range only works between 2 LR Nodes
      UPDATED New warning log icon
      UPDATED All buildings with visible inventory should now also show the limits (Refinery, Hub etc)
      UPDATED Domicile now shows resident count in an infotile
      UPDATED Survey Station now decomissionable, and only buildable near Hub
      FIXED Bit pillar is now destroyed after being harvested completely
      FIXED Quarry stockpile now has status marker when full
      FIXED Garage distance problems
      FIXED Level Mountains of Memory had bizarre visual garble in one dialogue
      FIXED Geothermal Generator particles are no more when visible in FoW or when derelict
      FIXED Level Mountains of Memory had some missing Finnish language strings
      FIXED Cycles are not visible in FoW anymore
      FIXED Breach and Investigate button now properly takes in account if Hexter has the required skill
      FIXED Buildings in FoW won't affect Hive aggro and won't be targetted by Scourge
      FIXED Clicking a log item with multiple entries now properly cycles through them
      FIXED Entity tooltip should no longer get stuck on the screen
      FIXED Survey Drone and Squad HUD buttons sometimes were not in sync to what happened in game
      FIXED Survey Drone reveal pulse now follows the drone instead of spawned position
      FIXED Extractor and Refineries had no visible HP info tile
      FIXED Hexters will not try to haul inaccessible resources anymore
      FIXED Rare Extractor deadlock
      FIXED Blueprint stockpile not correctly getting updated when enqueued or cancelled
      FIXED Dropped attachments (hats, armour) not selectable by player anymore
      FIXED World map tutorial arrow was going wonky when target behind camera
      FIXED Defense towers reload infotile had missing translation
      FIXED Survey Drone is now automatically set to "recall" when spawned
      FIXED Optional text in objectives now properly localized
      ----- Thanks for your support!  
    • Hola! We're working hard on the next level (that would be more content!) but it's sadly not quite good enough just yet. Here's a patch which actually has quite a lot of more fixes and changes than what the change log shows. We also put effort to improve the node connections and manually reconnecting them. ------ FIXED General performance (CPU) optimizations
      FIXED Few AI Path-finding issues related to Barrier and Firewall
      FIXED Cycle sending algorithm had hard limits that prevented sending cycles in certain conditions
      FIXED Out-of-charge behavior of Survey Drone was confusing, the lights now flicker to inform when the drone has run out of charge
      FIXED Hive did not have a proper icon
      FIXED Never ending night when loading a savegame made during the night
      FIXED Several minor bugs
      FIXED Level Defrag Desolation barrier had pathfinding issues
      NEW Reload info tile added to towers
      NEW Added Uplink building to enable Stratmap
      NEW Node connection preview now highlights the selected connection(s) instead of just showing all potential connections
      NEW Readability of Node reconnection panel has been improved, and it also now displays how many connections each node already has
      NEW Made bit pillars selectable and show resources left ------ Thanks for your support, and please wait for just a moment more for the next level!
    • Hello, Lots of small fixes, changes and improvements! ------ FIXED: Small dialogue and translation changes and improvements, a lot of typos fixed FIXED: Added some additional info to Cyberscapeologist objective in level Defrag Desolation FIXED: Added missing tooltip descriptions for Barrier Controls and Exit Conduit FIXED: Some changes and intensity increase to Survey Drone lights  FIXED: Glitching lights on characters hopefully fixed FIXED: Level Defrag Desolation had anomalies which yielded Quads, oops FIXED: Hud hide shortcut Shift-H was not working due brainfart FIXED: Broken SSAO effect was updated FIXED: Select buildings in the FoW FIXED: Beacon could have 3 Storages attached FIXED: Logistics jitter bug related to Storage and Stockpile FIXED: Level Mountains of Memory had enemies that should not appear yet in the game FIXED: Barrier in level Defrag Desolation was not being save properly into a savegame FIXED: Missing cataclysm meteor explosion sound FIXED: Pressing f9 for quickload without a quicksave caused a crash, argh UPDATED: Beacon discharge rate was reduced by 50% UPDATED: Exit Conduit discharge rate was set to zero UPDATED: Hexter nearest domicile distance reduced to avoid them leaving too far UPDATED: Made Hexters faster to accept tasks afar UPDATED: Better logistics route generation to avoid complete mess when with multiple Beacons NEW: Bunker and Domicile passive healing NEW: Added healing to Bunker and Domicile tooltips NEW: Added world illuminating probe charging to Hub tooltip NEW: Improved exit conduit visuals and added charge gauge info tile NEW: New event log icons which should fit the overall visual theme better NEW: New Hexter death log message NEW: Added F1 ingame help menu mention as a hint to main menu NEW: New building upgrade log message
        ------ Thanks for your support!
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