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  1. V0.1.1a

    Hello, Lots of small fixes, changes and improvements! ------ FIXED: Small dialogue and translation changes and improvements, a lot of typos fixed FIXED: Added some additional info to Cyberscapeologist objective in level Defrag Desolation FIXED: Added missing tooltip descriptions for Barrier Controls and Exit Conduit FIXED: Some changes and intensity increase to Survey Drone lights FIXED: Glitching lights on characters hopefully fixed FIXED: Level Defrag Desolation had anomalies which yielded Quads, oops FIXED: Hud hide shortcut Shift-H was not working due brainfart FIXED: Broken SSAO effect was updated FIXED: Select buildings in the FoW FIXED: Beacon could have 3 Storages attached FIXED: Logistics jitter bug related to Storage and Stockpile FIXED: Level Mountains of Memory had enemies that should not appear yet in the game FIXED: Barrier in level Defrag Desolation was not being save properly into a savegame FIXED: Missing cataclysm meteor explosion sound FIXED: Pressing f9 for quickload without a quicksave caused a crash, argh UPDATED: Beacon discharge rate was reduced by 50% UPDATED: Exit Conduit discharge rate was set to zero UPDATED: Hexter nearest domicile distance reduced to avoid them leaving too far UPDATED: Made Hexters faster to accept tasks afar UPDATED: Better logistics route generation to avoid complete mess when with multiple Beacons NEW: Bunker and Domicile passive healing NEW: Added healing to Bunker and Domicile tooltips NEW: Added world illuminating probe charging to Hub tooltip NEW: Improved exit conduit visuals and added charge gauge info tile NEW: New event log icons which should fit the overall visual theme better NEW: New Hexter death log message NEW: Added F1 ingame help menu mention as a hint to main menu NEW: New building upgrade log message ------ Thanks for your support!
  2. V0.1.1

    First update of 2018! V0.1.1 Hello, Here's a nice batch of fixes and improvements to get the year started in cyberscape! ------ FIXED: Garage blueprint UV coordinates fixed FIXED: Some typos fixed in Finnish FIXED: Improved and tweaked context menu readability a bit FIXED: Translated missing cargo drone build button label FIXED: Entity info panel was not hidden when build menu was opened FIXED: It was possible to click tutorial placement helpers and see info about marker buildings FIXED: Survey Drone could move through Firewall in Level Mountains of Memory FIXED: Different Entity info buttons were not ordered in any particular way, they should be more consistent now FIXED: Heuristics Module upgrade could be upgraded before Heuristics Module was fully constructed FIXED: While building Survey Station and Heuristics Module at the same time, cancelling Survey Station did not cancel Heuristics Module FIXED: Changed Cargo Drone and Bitmobile build cost FIXED: Lot of tweaking to level Mountains of Memory enemies and hives FIXED: Removed H.U.M.P.E.R. enemies from level Mountains of Memory spawning NEW: GFX Effects options added in Options menu to help running the game on lower end devices NEW: Depot construction projects (Bitmobile and Cargo Drone) can now be cancelled with right-click NEW: Bunker worker slots now automatically get closed when Trooper dies to prevent the meat grinder problem NEW: Stratmap contents and building icons now appear at different zoom levels NEW: Added info about zooming in F1 ingame help menu NEW: Exposed Hive pressure to player and is now visible as bar (when <100%, similar to hitpoints) NEW: Added out of charge status icon to Cargo Drone NEW: Added level Mountains of Memory tutorial to assign Cargo Drones ------ Thanks for your support!
  3. New forum and related discussion

    Following up my own post: I've been tweaking and improving the skin and I'm seeing less and less visual problems. As you've probably noticed Hexters section of the forum has it's own theme, which has no other function except that's how I roll still, if you got something really funky or bad colours or something on your monitor, I'd appreciate if you can post it here so I can fix / improve it.
  4. Hey folks, As the title suggest we finally got a brand new forum with a more modern software than just ages-old phpbb3. I got pretty good hopes this is much better Effectively the old forum is gone permanently, with all it's data and users. Let me put it this way: Who cares that old stuff anyway? I don't personally think it has any historical value, and phpbb3 also has a massive problem with spam and hackers etc. Today is the perfect day to launch all this as, well, we got something else coming up as well as you probably have noticed already! I've been skinning this forum and there might be some bugs / strange colours and I'd appreciate if you reply here to give me a heads-up about it so I can fix them.
  5. Wowza, what a good analysis! All titles you mentioned are found in my steam library ;-) I can't address every point you make, but I mostly agree with everything you wrote. One of the main design points of Hexters was indeed the minimalistic approach also to UI, because I don't personally find button-polluted UI exactly fun (which is ironic thing to say considering I got no problems playing bizarro-UI games like Dwarf Fortress, heh). I believe you can have a really good amount of depth - like in FTL as you mentioned above - without having to reflect complexity in UI. We haven't decided exactly what's the "goal" of the skirmish mode, perhaps in optimal scenario that could be also customizable? Anyway, this kind of stuff is really valuable for us since it gives us more insight for the moment we actually have to make decisions!
  6. Cargo Drone

    Not really a bug, we're just missing this currently in the tutorial; when you enter strategic map logistics view there is the assignment button between the sectors as indicated.
  7. Thanks for the log! Good to know it's linux version as well :-)
  8. Hexters improvement poll

    Interesting read, I'm probably type A much more myself, heh. If our plans go through, the freeplay mode should be configurable enough with parameters to pretty much make it whatever the player wants. We're hoping Hexters to get popular too! All steam reviews, activity and shares help us a great deal!
  9. Hey guys, if you switch to have your fingers on the possible direction we've going, this is the place!
  10. Hey and thanks for the feedback! I agree with all the points myself and I actually think we have already internal tasks on all these Especially the scout needs to work better, like not being able to give invalid waypoints and will change in near future. Also the logistics needs to be somehow even more clear as currently it's possible to deadlock the distribution if you're not sure what the sector min / max modifiers mean. Also healing needs to be done!
  11. V0.1.0d

    Hello, Last fix before christmas, time to take the rest of the year easier now! ------ FIXED: HUD resource grammar in Finnish translation FIXED: Context menu strings now fit better in non-English versions FIXED: Tweaked Survey Drone active and passive power consumption FIXED: Increased Survey Drone light intensity for better illumination during night FIXED: Cargo drone logistic problems FIXED: Cargo drones causing problems if beacons were destroyed FIXED: Broken node connections after loading a savegame FIXED: Object selector updating now when building state chages NEW: Added point light to Survey Drone for better illumination during night NEW: FoW now has some visuals to differentiate it from darkness ------ Thanks for your support and merry christmas!
  12. V0.1.0c

    Hello, More small fixes on the way! ------ FIXED: Localization related problems, such as non-translated tutorial FIXED: Info panel UI works better with long strings now FIXED: Building decomission had too much priority over hauling and construction FIXED: It was possible to decomission Survey Station in Level Defrag Desolation but not build it FIXED: Survey Drone was actually invulnerable FIXED: Screen was randomly flickering with white color NEW: Survey Station has now charge info tile ------ Thanks for your support!
  13. V0.1.0b

    Version 0.1.0b HOTFIX FIXED: Hexter compile queue number in HUD was not shown in Level Defrag Desolation FIXED: Artifacts were not working after loading a savegame FIXED: Wire connectors were missing in Level Mountains of Memory FIXED: Restarting level under certain conditions caused level script errors FIXED: F8 key for save load menu was missing in ingame F1 help menu FIXED: F1 help menu back button not working FIXED: Localization content fixes / changes FIXED: Some particle effect related colour palette changes
  14. V0.1.0a

    Version 0.1.0a HOTFIX FIXED: Savegames not being loadable on another computer under certain conditions FIXED: Survey Drone not being able to reveal FOW FIXED: Savegame not being loadable under certain conditions because of Survey Drone AI NEW: Added low charge status icon to Survey Drone
  15. Survey drone and save game problems
  16. Some help would be appreciable :)

    Hey, thanks for your feedback! Actually we just realized a bug in the survey drone, and it doesn't really work right, so sorry! We're uploading a hotfix right on this moment, so after that the drone should work right and you can actually explore the FoW with it properly. Sorry again! Btw, we really appreciate the thumbs up / reviews in steam so if you could do it for us it'd be great!
  17. World graphics get nuked if resolution is switched during ingame
  18. Some items are not translated when language is switched
  19. Hey guys, I know you got lots of ideas and improvement wishes, that's how this thing works! Try to be reasonable and realistic and also please understand our resources are limited. That being said, we'd love to hear (read?) your thoughts!
  20. V0.1.0

    So here we are, our first version out! Let's hope it doesn't explode on your face despite our best attempts to keep all it's power contained! Oh yeah, no real patch notes
  21. Hexters FAQ

    Hexters FAQ Q: What is Hexters? A: Hexters is a city-builder game made by Draconus Entertainment with some action / tower defense elements and minimalistic visuals seasoned with some atmosphere from Darwinia & Tron. The game also is a nod at the old classic city-building / logistics game series such as Anno & Settlers. The game was released to Steam Early Access in 16 december, 2017. Q: What is Draconus Entertainment? A: Draconus is Finnish two-man independent game development company founded by Markku Rankala (@TheDragst) & Sampsa Lehtonen (@snlehton). We've both more or less have been doing games for last 20 years which I guess makes us relatively old school. Time and conditions are finally right to notch up our production! Q: What is the scenario of Hexters? The trailer mentions something about "inside your computer" A: The game happens in "cyberscape" which is an imaginary world inside a computer. Many of the concepts in the game is built around this but doesn't really take it too seriously (for example, a "firewall" being literally a wall on fire in the game). Q: What's the main challenge in Hexters? A: There is actually three different aspects and players must balance around these elements: Expanding, which consist of expanding the infrastructure by building and refining new resources Power regulation and generation (or "cycles" as it's called in the game) Defending against an asymmetric enemy which gets more aggressive the more player expands Q: Does Hexters have a single player mode? A: Absolutely! There is a campaign mode with quirky characters ("software"), a world map, a story / plot and levels have objectives to complete them. Q: Does Hexters have a multi player mode A: Not yet. We would love to do a multiplayer co-op but the game needs to get quite a bit of wind under it's wings before it's feasible. Q: Does Hexters have a freeplay / skirmish / sandbox mode A: Not yet, unfortunately but this is absolutely on our roadmap and is one of the reasons why most of the game's content and levels are actually procedurally generated! If instead of new levels and story we get a log of feedback pressure on this one we have prepared to change our priorities.