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  1. Logically all buildings are circular due to the placement system we have implemented (there is no support for rotations currently and no plans to do it). The graphical representation could be anything like it is with the Storage or Beacon. Historically the reason for round buildings comes from the way we created the buildings originally: by lathing. See this tweet: But later on we've also created buildings using modelling tools, and as such the sky is the limit! So new shapes might be coming
  2. Thanks for purchasing DIM and DTU! While we do support both of the assets, they're not currently in active development and these things tend to happen when Unity goes and wrecks havoc in their API. I will check it out soon, and submit fixed version. Your suggestion seems like a good fix.
  3. Thanks, I'll look into this as soon as we start focusing on the Linux build. I'm currently optimizing the memory consumption which might help with the crashes. Having said that, unfortunately in the log it's not immediately obvious what is the reason for the crash. That null pointer exception seems to come from the Unity player, not the game scripts.
  4. Related to rendering flares #271 Fixed in 0.1.0c (not yet published)