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Feedback after three missions

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Hi.  I got this yesterday and I've completed the first three missions (actually 2.99 missions because the exit conduit in mission 3 doesn't seem to want to power up).   I enjoy base-management games, especially when they have a mix of economy and combat.  I also dig the low-poly style which seems to have taken over the 8-bit pixel style as the style which is in vogue with all the indie devs these days.   


Gameplay elements that I liked:

1. The system of power distribution, and also the fact that there is only so much electricity on the map.

2. Exploration.  I've played god games that show you the entire map, but I think that takes out a large source of the fun.

3. A few special units that are controllable and interchangeable peon units.  One thing I liked about Kingdom Rush, the famous tower defense game, is that you get to control one hero unit in addition to managing your towers.  It really helps a lot because there's always something to spend your extra attention on.

4.  The diurnal cycle.  The fact that all enemies die off during the day time is a small detail that I like because it lets you focus on combat and then on building. 

5.  The logistics system is neat.


Gameplay elements that were frustrating, or which weren't immediately obvious:

1. As in any colony sim, the most irritating thing was dealing with peons who suddenly get confused when distances become too great.  For instance, in  mission 2, my hexters suddenly stopped gathering resources from the bitpile in the south east when I wanted to build to the exit in the northwest.  Or in another instance, when I'm building to the geothermal extractor in mission 3.  The hexters can figure out to carry resources from my base to the geothermal extractor site, but once they've dropped their loads, they can't figure out to go back to the main base in order to grab more materials to haul to the site.  So they just sit there confused until they run out of energy and then head back to the domicile.  I guess this is because the trip from the build site, back to the base, and then back to the build site is too far.  Of course this can always be fixed by sending a bitmobile and creating a beacon, or maybe with a chain of stockpiles.

2. The scout doesn't always go where you want it to.  You have to coax it over rough terrain in some spots and some times it gets stuck when trying to travel long distances. This behaviour is unlike an RTS such as Starcraft where things will just go where you want them if it is possible for the unit to get there.  

3. No birds' eye view of the entire map until you unlock Logistics in mission 3.  If there's ever a skirmish mode, it would be nice if this were available from the start.

4. Hexters can't heal up out of combat.


I mentioned on Steam that the game was crashing frequently on mission 3.  I'll try to see if i can make it crash again so that I can submit the log.

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