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First update of 2018!


Here's a nice batch of fixes and improvements to get the year started in cyberscape!


  • FIXED: Garage blueprint UV coordinates fixed
  • FIXED: Some typos fixed in Finnish
  • FIXED: Improved and tweaked context menu readability a bit
  • FIXED: Translated missing cargo drone build button label
  • FIXED: Entity info panel was not hidden when build menu was opened
  • FIXED: It was possible to click tutorial placement helpers and see info about marker buildings
  • FIXED: Survey Drone could move through Firewall in Level Mountains of Memory
  • FIXED: Different Entity info buttons were not ordered in any particular way, they should be more consistent now
  • FIXED: Heuristics Module upgrade could be upgraded before Heuristics Module was fully constructed
  • FIXED: While building Survey Station and Heuristics Module at the same time, cancelling Survey Station did not cancel Heuristics Module
  • FIXED: Changed Cargo Drone and Bitmobile build cost
  • FIXED: Lot of tweaking to level Mountains of Memory enemies and hives
  • FIXED: Removed H.U.M.P.E.R. enemies from level Mountains of Memory spawning
  • NEW: GFX Effects options added in Options menu to help running the game on lower end devices
  • NEW: Depot construction projects (Bitmobile and Cargo Drone) can now be cancelled with right-click
  • NEW: Bunker worker slots now automatically get closed when Trooper dies to prevent the meat grinder problem
  • NEW: Stratmap contents and building icons now appear at different zoom levels
  • NEW: Added info about zooming in F1 ingame help menu
  • NEW: Exposed Hive pressure to player and is now visible as bar (when <100%, similar to hitpoints)
  • NEW: Added out of charge status icon to Cargo Drone
  • NEW: Added level Mountains of Memory tutorial to assign Cargo Drones


Thanks for your support!

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