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Lots of small fixes, changes and improvements!


  • FIXED: Small dialogue and translation changes and improvements, a lot of typos fixed
  • FIXED: Added some additional info to Cyberscapeologist objective in level Defrag Desolation
  • FIXED: Added missing tooltip descriptions for Barrier Controls and Exit Conduit
  • FIXED: Some changes and intensity increase to Survey Drone lights 
  • FIXED: Glitching lights on characters hopefully fixed
  • FIXED: Level Defrag Desolation had anomalies which yielded Quads, oops
  • FIXED: Hud hide shortcut Shift-H was not working due brainfart
  • FIXED: Broken SSAO effect was updated
  • FIXED: Select buildings in the FoW
  • FIXED: Beacon could have 3 Storages attached
  • FIXED: Logistics jitter bug related to Storage and Stockpile
  • FIXED: Level Mountains of Memory had enemies that should not appear yet in the game
  • FIXED: Barrier in level Defrag Desolation was not being save properly into a savegame
  • FIXED: Missing cataclysm meteor explosion sound
  • FIXED: Pressing f9 for quickload without a quicksave caused a crash, argh
  • UPDATED: Beacon discharge rate was reduced by 50%
  • UPDATED: Exit Conduit discharge rate was set to zero
  • UPDATED: Hexter nearest domicile distance reduced to avoid them leaving too far
  • UPDATED: Made Hexters faster to accept tasks afar
  • UPDATED: Better logistics route generation to avoid complete mess when with multiple Beacons
  • NEW: Bunker and Domicile passive healing
  • NEW: Added healing to Bunker and Domicile tooltips
  • NEW: Added world illuminating probe charging to Hub tooltip
  • NEW: Improved exit conduit visuals and added charge gauge info tile
  • NEW: New event log icons which should fit the overall visual theme better
  • NEW: New Hexter death log message
  • NEW: Added F1 ingame help menu mention as a hint to main menu
  • NEW: New building upgrade log message


Thanks for your support!

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