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We're working hard on the next level (that would be more content!) but it's sadly not quite good enough just yet. Here's a patch which actually has quite a lot of more fixes and changes than what the change log shows. We also put effort to improve the node connections and manually reconnecting them.


FIXED General performance (CPU) optimizations
FIXED Few AI Path-finding issues related to Barrier and Firewall
FIXED Cycle sending algorithm had hard limits that prevented sending cycles in certain conditions
FIXED Out-of-charge behavior of Survey Drone was confusing, the lights now flicker to inform when the drone has run out of charge
FIXED Hive did not have a proper icon
FIXED Never ending night when loading a savegame made during the night
FIXED Several minor bugs
FIXED Level Defrag Desolation barrier had pathfinding issues
NEW Reload info tile added to towers
NEW Added Uplink building to enable Stratmap
NEW Node connection preview now highlights the selected connection(s) instead of just showing all potential connections
NEW Readability of Node reconnection panel has been improved, and it also now displays how many connections each node already has
NEW Made bit pillars selectable and show resources left


Thanks for your support, and please wait for just a moment more for the next level!

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