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New forum and related discussion

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Hey folks,

As the title suggest we finally got a brand new forum with a more modern software than just ages-old phpbb3. I got pretty good hopes this is much better :)

Effectively the old forum is gone permanently, with all it's data and users. Let me put it this way: Who cares that old stuff anyway? I don't personally think it has any historical value, and phpbb3 also has a massive problem with spam and hackers etc. Today is the perfect day to launch all this as, well, we got something else coming up as well as you probably have noticed already!

I've been skinning this forum and there might be some bugs / strange colours and I'd appreciate if you reply here to give me a heads-up about it so I can fix them.

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Following up my own post:

I've been tweaking and improving the skin and I'm seeing less and less visual problems. As you've probably noticed Hexters section of the forum has it's own theme, which has no other function except that's how I roll B| still, if you got something really funky or bad colours or something on your monitor, I'd appreciate if you can post it here so I can fix / improve it.

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