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The most asked feature is finally here, building priorization! We got some optimization and improvisations going in as well, helping performance on the bit older rigs.


NEW Building blueprints can now be halted and prioritized
NEW Max limit set in Beacon for Logistics zone now acts as a hard limit for production
UPDATED Added Restart level confirmation dialog
UPDATED Improved logistics zone route UI to make assigning cargo drones easier
UPDATED Various optimizations
FIXED Level geometry did not properly continue at the borders
FIXED Boosted priority of stockpile in Bitmobile when unloading
FIXED Loading savegames while already in-game did not work properly
FIXED There was hauling jitter between Storage and Refinery under certain conditions
FIXED There was noticeable frame-rate stuttering when research building overlay was open
FIXED Game speed display was not always in sync with the actual speed


Thanks for your support!

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