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Some help would be appreciable :)

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Hi ! Nice work with Hexter ! 

Nice gamedesign, nice sounddesign :)

I juste have one problem with this game : Despite the fact you are forced to go through a tutorial in the 1st level, you don't clearly undestand what to do after that. I mean, I can't finish the level 2, just because I really have no idea of what I'm expected to do qith the drone. So, maybe you could put few "tips" in the game to avoid this :) 

Anyway. I really enjoy this game :) Once again, nice work !

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Hey, thanks for your feedback! Actually we just realized a bug in the survey drone, and it doesn't really work right, so sorry! 

We're uploading a hotfix right on this moment, so after that the drone should work right and you can actually explore the FoW with it properly.

Sorry again!

Btw, we really appreciate the thumbs up / reviews in steam so if you could do it for us it'd be great!

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