3D art of Triplane Turmoil II

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3D art of Triplane Turmoil II

Postby scottie » Sat Nov 22, 2003 10:50 pm

Hello All!

I am Scottie, the lead 3d artist of Draconus Entertainment! I would like to tell you some of the things done in TT2.

So let us begin!

When I first started working on TT2 this summer, I wasn't familiar with "low-poly" modeling which is required for this type of High Speed Action game. I had done some huge 3d scenes with a lot of stuff in them. In other words, "hi-poly". I knew nothing of model optimisation, speed modeling or anything that was related to low-poly stuff (pardon my vague terms!).

Well, the first thing I did was the plane model. It took a LOT of time and lots of tweaking. For instance, the original amount of polys had to be halved because the first version I did was too detailed.

Here is the very 1st plane model and the one we use currently. Not much difference? When they are ran "ingame" one can't tell which is which. Honest!


Ok. The model was ready. Next up the 2d artists did fab textures for all the countries' planes and I applied them to the model. There's a preview of the textured planes at http://www.draconus.com. Go check it out!

Doing the plane model first was quite essential. Dragst could test it in his Nemesis 3d engine to see how it looked in The Game. And it looked good. Now we had a cool 3d terrain and an itsy bitsy WW1 triplane flying around it. Bottles of champagne were consumed.

Now with some experience on low-poly modeling acquired I jumped to the next thing: the buildings. Buildings were (and are) easier to model than the plane model because they are usually quite bulky and have lower poly count. I liked (and still like) doing them.

Here is an example of one of the buildings:


And that's it for now.

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