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Next patch

Postby Dragst » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:24 am


Things are finally moving on. After two years - ARGH! - I finally managed the put the online field manual up. How stupid can I be, forgetting it completely like that...?

I'm planing of adding images and pictures, maybe even videos later on. You can subscribe for my youtube account if you wish:

Most likely we'll release the future videos through youtube anyway ;)

Right. The current patch plan is 1.1 with the following planned features and fixes:
  • Plenty of proof-reading and typo fixing
  • Network game
  • Mission tweaking
  • The infamous "invert roll" for those who are unable to let go of the past ;)
  • Adjustable mechanic speed
  • Adjustable plane armour
  • Adjustable infantry respawn speed
  • Instant respawn possibility
  • Fat bullets for better visibility in higher resolutions
  • Tutorial key filters have not worked correctly with joystick
  • Adjustable bullet-to-infantry collision, having possibility to make it easier to kill infantry with machinegun

As you can see I decided completely to forget all the balance and hard work we've put into it. But I'm not letting it go completely: Those "Arcade mode" options are only available in non-campaign games and will have a score modifier. Playing with the hardest (and original) settings will yield the best score, and tweaking the whole thing to arcade mode will yield much less score.

If you do the math, the overall score might even be the same since with faster respawn and higher armour player has more time to do, uh, stuff.

I'll keep this thread updated.
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