A general overview of the concept art of TT2

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A general overview of the concept art of TT2

Postby karbon » Thu Dec 04, 2003 10:17 pm

Hi fellows,

I have been working as a concept artist for Draconus entertainment for a while now. The first couple of months I spent designing aliens for Xenocide and during the last three months I have designed dozens and dozens of houses and other concepts for Triplane Turmoil II.

Concept art lays the foundation for everything you see in the game. In the process of developing a model from idea to completion, the biggest responsibility of the functionality and, in this case, the historical accuracy of the model, lies in the hands of the concept artist. The concepts should be as imaginative as possible, yet each concept should work with the whole and please the eye of as many people as possible. The actual drawing process is really the most enjoyable part of the making of a concept. Most of the time I spend pondering how a house fits into the general achitechtural style of a country and to the slightly comic look of the game.

The amount of concept work behind a finished game is mindblowing. Even in shareware game like Triplane Turmoil 2 the amount of finished scetches can rise up to several hunderds. From the concept artist, producing this amount of art reguires a lot of imagination, ability to use refrence material creatively and most of all - persistence. Especially if the deadline is tough, it can be hard to avoid repetition and keep coming up with new ideas.

In a way, being a concept artist is a full day job. One must constantly observe ones surroundings seeking for new ideas. Despite the horrible image I've given of this delicate art form, making concepts is really enjoyable and couldn't be happier about my role in the Draconus enterprise. I'll keep you updated on all the breakthroughs and how the conceptual side of Triplane Turmoil 2 is developing.

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