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Postby Dragst » Wed Jan 21, 2004 1:20 pm

Ok folks, it's Anno Domini 2004 and nothing interested has happened yet (like... no TT2 released ! B) )

I promised an update, and it still isn't done. Why? Well... numerous reasons, let's not go into details since nobody is reading this either way ;) However, there is an update coming up very, very soon and the most reason for the delay is that we want to make it a major one. That means, we had to do and complete some things first. Most of it is done now :) That might as well mean we can still update before next month!

Some people have (already, lol) speculated that something has happened to the project. Not true, we wouldn't need to lie... We're getting more and more excited of this all the time! :) If something would happen, we would gladly announce it to the public instead of keeping false promises up (too much :whistle: ;))

So keep on Rockin' - as one of our regular board fanatic would put it :party: - and stay tuned!

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