DTU Roadmap and Changelog

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DTU Roadmap and Changelog

Postby snlehton » Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:33 pm

DTU Roadmap
Here's a list of our planned roadmap for the DTU. We intend to continue adding new features to DTU in addition of regular bug fixes and ensuring Unity version compatibility. Feel free to add any feature requests as comments to this thread or create own threads.

Version 1.0 - RELEASED
  • Basic feature set
  • PSDReader with layers and slices

Version 1.1 - RELEASED
  • Support for high quality texture scaling

Version 1.2 - RELEASED
  • Support for alpha trimming in AtlasGenerator

Version 1.3 - PENDING REVIEW
  • Support for PyxelEdit format

DTU Changelog

Version 1.3.0
* NEW: PyxelEdit reader added (PyxelEditReader)
* NEW: Example 10 added for demonstrating PyxelEditReader

Version 1.2.0
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.FindAlphaTrimming for getting alpha trimming margins for a single texture
* NEW: Implemented alpha trimming in the AtlasGenerator (and also in AtlasGenerator.GenerateBMFont)
* UPDATE: Added support for alpha trimming in AtlasGenerator parameters and DTUBitmapFontDefinition
* UPDATE: Added support for "debugging" atlases generated by DTUBitmapFontDefinition (changes outsideColor to magenta)
* FIX: Fixed minor bug in AtlasGenerator.GenerateBMFont where padding would end up causing wrong offset to letters
* FIX: System.Serializable attribute had been removed from IntRect, causing it not to be serialized and breaking Example 08. Attribute was added back.

Version 1.1.0
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.GetWritableTextureFormat for making clones that can be written to
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.StitchTextureGrid
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.BlendTextures
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.EnsureTextureSize
* NEW: Implemented EditorTextureUtils.IsReadable
* NEW: Implemented TextureUtils.ReadPNG (for convenient PNG reading)
* NEW: Implemented IsReadableUncompressedTexture and MakeReadableUncompressedTexture (EditorTextureUtils)
* NEW: Added two context menu examples: "Copy Texture As PNG" and "Fix Alpha Pixels in PNG"
* NEW: Image Filtering (downsample, upsample, nearest neighbour, box, triangle/bilinear, lanczos2, lanczos3, mitchell) with alpha aware filtering
* NEW: Added a new Example 09 Texture Resize
* UPDATE: Made CreateOutline work better with already antialiased textures
* UPDATE: Added validation for adding rectangles with same ID's in the AtlasGenerator
* FIX: Moved DTUAssetPostprocessor.cs under examples
* FIX: Fixed some compilation errors when no USE_EXCEPTIONS
* FIX: Argument checks, better commenting and API documentation for various methods
* NEW: Implemented DoNotLoadTextures option (for reading PSD metadata)
* NEW: Support for reading only one layer
* NEW: Support for slicing while loading
* NEW: PSDFile.FindLayerByID for finding layers by ID in case there are multiple layers with same name
* NEW: Implemented PSDFile.Release that destroys all the assigned textures
* NEW: Added PSDLayer.hasMask which can be used to check whether layer as a mask (maskTexture is not loaded if option DoNotLoadTextures was defined)
* UPDATE: Added support for "raw" layer texture rectangles (DoNotCropAndResizeLayerCanvas)
* UPDATE: Implemented layer groups
* FIX: Fixed layer masks on layer groups

Version 1.0.1
* NEW: TextureUtils.CreateCustomTexture: added a function for creating a bit more complex textures such as gradients easily
* UPDATE: Added on-screen instructions to all of the example scenes
* UPDATE: DTULayerExtract: added format to extracts, added invert option in channels
* UPDATE: TextureUtils.MixColorChannels: optional invert parameter, conforms the DTU texture allocation policy
* UPDATE: TextureUtils.ResizeTextureCanvas now conform the DTU texture allocation policy
* UPDATE: TextureUtils.CreateColoredTexture: Added optional texture format parameter
* FIX: TextureUtils.MixColorChannels: fixed RGBA channel type not working properly

Version 1.0.0
* Initial version submitted to Asset Store

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