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DTU Manual

Postby snlehton » Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:38 pm

DTU Manual

The manual for components of the DTU has been split to multiple threads:

Manual: TextureUtils Slicing
Manual: TextureUtils Pixel Operations
Manual: TextureUtils Normal Maps
Manual: TextureUtils Misc
Manual: PSDReader
Manual: AtlasGenerator

Pixel Space
Unity uses bottom-up pixel space where pixel coordinates (0,0) is the bottom left of a texture. Many times it's more convenient to manipulate textures in top-down space where (0,0) is the top left of a texture. The methods in DTU operate in Unity's pixel coordinate system, but it's easy to use top-down coordinates using IntRect.FromTopDown(x,y,width,height,textureHeight); Some methods such as SliceTextureGrid work only top-down pixel space.

Texture Allocation Policy
By default, textures are considered to be immutable. Therefore new textures will be allocated for almost all of the functions processing textures. This means that textures are being leaked unless explicitly destroyed. In editor mode this isn't much of a problem as unused textures will be regularly released by Unity. Most of the DTU functions also offer versions where the original texture can be modified.

TextureUtils: Slicing | Pixel Operations |Normal Maps | Misc | API Scripting Reference

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