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Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:07 am
by snlehton
Q. I bought DTU, can I get DIM (Draconus Icon Manager) for free?
A. No you can't. They are two different products. Just because DIM is powered by DTU doesn't give you license to have DIM for free if you own DTU. Likewise if you own Unity Pro, it doesn't give any of the games made by Unity for free :)

Q. Can I use DTU as a part of tools that I sell (in Asset Store)?
A. By default, No. The license in Asset Store gives you permission to use the asset the way you see fit in your own projects, but it doesn't allow you to resell the assets you've bought. However, we do have plan to support third-party licensing, so if you've interested in creating your own tools powered by DTU and sell them in Asset Store (or elsewhere), please contact us at