minor in-game spelling errors

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minor in-game spelling errors

Postby guabe-guabe » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:18 am

Just purchased the boxed version of TT2, and we are loving it! My two brothers who live in the neighborhood head over to my apartment almost every day to play. It's a nice break for them after their college studies, and it's a relief from my work day too (I'm a grocery store clerk).

The new game takes me back to our days playing the first Triplane game, but now the game is so much better. The troops are more sophisticated, the balance of power is even, the animations are sweet -- this sequel has serious depth!

If I can do anything to help, I would like to submit a few spelling/grammar errors we've discovered in the game, particularly in the tutorial section.

I know grammatical issues are far from your list of priorities, sir, but I have some experience as a qualified proofreader, and as a huge fan of your game I would love to be able to say I contributed a little something to development. Do you mind?

P.S. My favorite is the German bomber.
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Postby Dragst » Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:13 pm

Hello and thanks for the kind words! We're very happy all of you like it!

Of course we are interested for getting any help / corrections from the community we can get! :) Just email me in my address (my nick and our domain, you should be able to figure it out ;)) and we'll see into it!

Thanks again!


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